危險人渣 2.06200

危險人渣 2.06200

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App Name 危險人渣 v2.06200
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【第0章 開端】

第0章尾 預告

【第1章 我是誰】

第1章尾 預告

【第2章 跟蹤】

第2章尾 預告

【第3章 說服】

第3章 預告

【第4章 約會】

第4章 預告

【第5章 匿藏】

第5章 預告

【第6章 惡夢】

第6章尾 預告

【第7章 危機】

第7章 預告

【第8章 迫近】

第8章尾 預告

【第9章 大限】

第9章尾 預告

【第10章 鬼門關】

支線 預告
* Please note that if you find a black screen when you enter the game for the first time, you can first set the game to allow access to mobile phone space, and then you can successfully open the game.

[Game introduction]:
The game is a story + puzzle narrative work. The player will play the deceased in the case. After experiencing the story of the killing, the case will be flashed back to a certain time. Let you re-know and understand the interpersonal relationships around you, make a good choice, and then close your eyes and pray to escape the kill The ending.

By investigating things in each scene, the game understands things and clues of itself and others, infers its relationship with different people, and makes “life-saving” decisions and actions. In the game, you can investigate all the places he can go, choose to take away some props that may be helpful to him, and there are a lot of puzzles that you need to solve.

Every action you take has a chance to influence later choices and outcomes.

[Introduction to the plot chapter]: The first season-
Industrial building possession case
The work released in the first quarter of the game is called the Industrial Corpse Hidden Corps. The player plays a smart but unprofessional man. He has worked with others to cheat a lot of money by relying on his own fraud technology. But such a good thing could not last long, and he later broke with the partners due to the debt and debt relationship, and caused murder. How should he face the people around him? Can he resist the temptation and not expose his shortcomings in front of others? This story will have a lot of elements and results waiting for you to discover.

[Chapter 0 Beginning]

Chapter 0 Trailer
Who kills me? Why am I killed?
If the event repeats itself, can I figure out what the truth is?

[Chapter 1 Who am I]

Chapter 1 Trailer
The person who owed me a debt suddenly met me to go to the bar to negotiate, what exactly was his idea?
And the girl who made me tempted suddenly appeared in front of me again.

[Chapter 2 Tracking]

Chapter 2 Trailer
The former partner wants to return to the old business with me, but who is following me?
My girlfriend seems to be hiding something from me. I have to ask someone to investigate it for me.

[Chapter 3 Persuasion]

Chapter 3: Trailer
When my girlfriend’s attitude became cold, I decided to date her with her other people.

[Chapter 4 Dating]

Chapter 4 Trailer
My secret fund exposure was revealed, and I had to stage a dodge battle with these strangers.

[Chapter 5 Hiding]

Chapter 5 Trailer
It was a leisurely vacation with my girlfriend, but it scared me away.

[Chapter 6 Nightmare]

Chapter 6 Trailer
The cause of all events must be related to the plan of the former partner, and the old acquaintance who followed me must know what, I had to go to the railway company he was staying to ask the facts.

[Chapter 7 Crisis]

Chapter 7 Trailer
My girlfriend broke up with me, and the new object I liked at the same time confessed to me, how should I choose?

[Chapter 8 Approaching]

Chapter 8 Trailer
My worst enemy is determined to intimidate me with force. How can I escape from birth?

[Chapter 9 Limitation]

Chapter 9 Trailer
Right and wrong, life and death, are all in my hands, and my biggest enemy is actually myself.

[Chapter 10 Ghost Gates]

Spur line
The multi-angle analysis of the case and the prisoner’s self-confession revealed that everyone around me looked at me this way.
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